New Images and a Poll – I need your help :)

by 365andrewsketches

In preparation for a new blog post I would like to write at my other blog, I decided to draw a couple of diagrams. The Build-Measure-Learn feedback loop is a model I learned about while doing my MBA. I believe Eric Ries originate this, but I am prepared to be corrected. I added a few things to it to try and help make my point.

I am going to apply it to Marketing in general. However, I wasn’t 100% happy with my first drawing. So I did another, but then I kind of decided I liked the first one and the second one. So I wonder, which one should I use? Any help you can give would be appreciated,


Diagram 1

Build-Measure-Learn Feedback Loop Diagram 1


Diagram 2

Build-Measure-Learn Feedback Loop Diagram 2